Tuesday, October 6, 2015

First week sprint...

The past week has been incredibly busy. I’m not sure if I’ve quite had the chance to sit down and really process everything. As usual, everything happens at once, sometimes it’s because it’s outside of my control and sometimes it’s because of poor planning on my part. Whatever, I’m not complaining, it’s been a good week.

I was asked to be on our County Superintendent of School’s public access television show where he interviews teachers and other educators. I was chosen because of my involvement in #geniushour. I love genius hour and can go on and on about it with someone willing to listen, however, because I have also changed positions to the technology coordinator the discussion heavily leaned on technology as an educational tool. I feel privileged to have been a part of this and can’t wait to see how the post production puts it together.

The next day was also amazing. Kristen Swanson, the co-founder of the #edcamp movement, was leading a professional development day at our County Office of Education. I was thrilled to get to meet her and work under her lead. I got so many great ideas for things I can do here at my school and with my colleagues that can help me get in the door and actually create some positive change or momentum. While in my head the best part of the day was going to be working with Dr. Swanson, it wasn’t. I hate to lose my fan-girl status because it absolutely was amazing. But really, the best part was that I got to participate in the day led by her with colleagues that I really enjoy working with. I was able to work with my counterpart from another school and two teachers yet another school in practicing the methods Dr. Swanson shared. I was able to work my brain around things with people I like and respect and enjoy being challenged by. To be honest, I think that is the best result that could have come about from that day.

Keep going later into the week and I had the opportunity to participate in an event hosted by San Luis County Office of Education and the Slo Cue group. I led three sessions and got to attend a session led by Lisa Highfill, another educator from the interwebs that I have watched, followed, and copied at times. I have had a few ideas bubbling around in my mind that working with her gave me the actual steps to make them happen as well as some ideas for other ways to do things with both kids and teachers.

So, while it’s been a busy week (that first week of the month sprint), and I am still catching my breath, I absolutely have no complaints!

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