Sunday, June 30, 2013

Getting Started

It is time for me to get into the blogging world. I am a huge tech fan, one who recognizes the need for reflection and review to make ideas really take hold and grow, so those two components fit neatly together into the voice in my head that started out whispering, but now sounds rather demanding saying: Get Blogging!

As a starting point, I will start with information about myself and just see where it takes me. I have been teaching for almost 10 years and for at least the last half of it I have been an edtech enthusiast. Unfortunately, at the same time, I started taking on leadership roles at my school that inhibited my ability to really focus on integrating the technology into my classroom the way I wanted to. For the upcoming school year I have reduced my load of outside responsibilities and will focus on what I love: teaching. 

So.... the point and purpose for me blogging will be to have a place to reflect on what goes on in my classroom. I will share my experiments, share my #eduwins as well as my struggles so I have a dedicated place to reflect and learn to improve my teaching. I look forward to interacting with others who may read this and share their own thoughts, ideas, and suggestions!

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